Pregnancy Update 16 Weeks Living The Fit Pregnancy Lifestyle


Two weeks more down and what feels like a billion more to go when I think about it. Luckily, I have been crazy busy as always, which is helping time fly by. It looks like my routine compared to my last pregnancy is still helping my body keep its shape so far. I feel Dawn getting bigger. Sometimes I already feel uncomfortable, especially when she starts moving around like crazy on some days. My left ankle is starting to act up and swell a bit already, which happened a little in my last pregnancy. When I see the doctor Tuesday I plan to ask him about it if my pregnant brain doesn’t take over and make me forget like I have been doing lately. AMAZING news though is that after two months my thyroid is where it is supposed to be, which has helped a lot with the depression and finally having more energy to tackle the things I need to do and tackle with a more positive energy. We see baby Dawn tomorrow to see how she is doing and let our other two girls experience the joy of seeing their little sister. Hoping all goes great. 🙂

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