Sapientia’s Shadows

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Sapientia’s Shadows is the first book I have published. It is the first of a series of five about a mother questioning her sanity along with her child’s. This book is meant to introduce you to a place much different than our own by giving you  a small taste of what awaits. If you care to check it out or buy it click here.


Sapientia’s Gene


Sapientia’s Gene is the second book of the Sapientia series. It is the story of one of the beloved characters in Sapientia’s Shadows, who you may have found yourself curious about. This book is designed to establish what was introduced in the first book. If you care to check out or buy this one click here.

Sapientia’s Gift


Sapientia’s Gift is the third installment of the Sapientia series. It follows Liz who was introduced in the second book as she makes her journey into Sapientia and is encountered with a crazy and wild adventure that is full of action, tears, and torment. If you care to check out or buy this enticing book you can click here or look it up on Barnes and Noble’s website.