18 Weeks Pregnant Comparison Photo and Life update


Here is the latest comparison photo at 18 weeks for my last pregnancy and this pregnancy. The changes are starting and I’m slowly starting to lose my form as the baby grows bigger. I’m still fitter than my last pregnancy and can still do more than I was able to before. Makes me super sad though looking back at old photos from right before this pregnancy and seeing how great my abs were though. Really hoping that after this pregnancy I can get back to where I was and maybe even faster than last time. Can not wait to FINALLY get to work on my fitness without regressing and see how far I can get with my body if my thyroid levels agree to cooperate. Here is my last ab photo I took from June 24th before we found out we were pregnant on July 4th.


So you can see where some of my sadness is coming from 🙂 Will be a challenge to get back to that point again, but can’t wait to try when the time comes. The baby is doing great though 🙂 and looking cuter and cuter 🙂 This is from two weeks ago.


On a side note, I’m so sorry that my posts have been made not as often as I would like. This last week was full of appointments and family emergencies and such that time escaped me once again. I’m actually supposed to be at the moment finishing packing up and getting ready for a wedding that we have to travel a ways for that I’m in. But HOPEFULLY super soon I will have news on my latest book that should be published soon and will be able to share that 🙂

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