I’m a mother of three who loves writing fantasy. I hope to help people delve deeper into their minds to learn who they and learn to love and accept themselves. It’s OK to be weird! It is OK to have crazy weird thoughts that you blurt out and that no one gets! That is what makes you you, what makes you unique, and what makes you stand out and able to make a difference! Accepting your uniqueness is only a part of helping you feel whole, complete, and love your life though. A lot of people also need to accept their bodies, love how they look, and feel good and healthy. The amazing thing though is that if you love who you are it is easier to love your body, and if you feel good, healthy, and take care of yourself it is easier to love who you are! They go hand and hand! So feel free to join my journey. I will be blogging about my writing journey, poetry, and randomly may throw in parts of my fitness journey also.

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