Black Cocoon

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This is something I wrote when I was in middle school. It definitely shows how lost and dark I was, which happily I’m not so much anymore. It does get better! You can get better! The pain that this character refused to deal with, well I finally dealt and faced a lot of it and it released me from hell.


She sits in her room,

alone on her bed.

She can’t handle the pain.

She wants it to spread.

Spread like butter,

butter on toast.

Spread on joy,

on moments she won’t.

Won’t forget.

Will love forever.

She looks at the sunset.

She takes in the weather.

The weather of rain.

The days all messed up.

The pond is green.

The ducks throwing up.

She still looks for joy,

and turns to the sun.

The sun though disappears,

and then it is gone.

The moon is what’s left.

In it is peace.

The light, it shines down.

Makes everything at ease.

Darkness surrounds her.

She still feels the pain.

Can’t rely on the weather.

Can’t rely on the day.

They won’t make her happy.

She has to do it herself.

She has to remain stable,

and figure this out.

Why she feels so empty,

so lonely inside.

Why no one’s with her.

Why alone she cries.

She looks at the clock.

Past midnight. Can’t sleep.

Tears off the covers,

and gets to her feet.

As soon as she steps down.

She falls through a black hole.

She’s now in a sewer,

which is all damp and cold.

She shivers in chills,

her hair soaken wet.

Her teeth they chatter,

won’t break from a sweat.

Scared to move,

she’s pushed by a force.

A force in the darkness.

Forward, she’s marched.

As she glides through the tunnel.

Pants soaked, swishing through.

She reaches the ending,

nothing but gloom.

She touches the concrete.

The bricks on the wall.

She puts her head against it.

She wants to fix all.

Then a noise, it startles.

She turns with a start.

Black webs grab her feet,

from the water it warps.

It’s sticky like cobwebs.

It cuts her, all pain.

It brings her to her knees.

She screams as she lays.

Lays back in the water.

Face searching for air.

The web grabs her shoulders.

She tenses and bears.

Bears all the darkness.

As it covers her face.

Covers her eyes.

No point of escape.

It then pulls her under.

No longer can breath.

Black webs all covering her.

A cocoon, ready to feed.

To eat all the pain.

Pain withheld inside.

Which she was keeping all in,

and let her dreams decide.

Dreams decide her fate,

how to get it all out

No more relying on others.

No more relying on self.

Her fate came to darkness.

Her fate equaled death.

If she just dealt with her problems,

it wouldn’t have meant…

She wouldn’t have met the tunnel.

She wouldn’t have met hell.

Hell came to take her.

She’s wrapped in its swells.

Slowly devoured,

played with till dead.

She’s feeding it’s hunger,

the pain that she kept.

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