Remain Strong Mommy

Backstory to this poem:

My little sister had given birth to her third child a little over a year ago when I had written this to comfort her. She was going through what many mothers go through after giving birth: the desperation to hold her little boy, the tiredness of seeing tubes and monitors all around, and the need for normalcy and want to take him home. I am hoping if anyone else needs this that it can help give them a moment of peace and strength. ❤

You are strong momma

Stay strong lil sis

Fight back the empty pain

You got this, just like him

Strong in every way

Soon moments will be full of kisses

Not sitting in a monitored room

Mommy and Daddy will roll off his lips

And love will leave you swooned

You got three beautiful children, mommy

And you have remained strong for each one

He will get through this faster than you think

And life will be more than once was

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