38 Weeks Pregnancies Comparison

Made it to 38 weeks and feeling pretty great besides having to pee like maybe literally close to 50 times a day and at night about every two hours…. so trying to sleep is a nightmare, but I’m well well WELL aware that once the baby comes sleep will be zilch. Now instead of boring you with the same details from before here are my comparison photos from my 38th week in all my pregnancies.


The top left is from my first pregnancy, the bottom left is from my second pregnancy, and the right is from my third. I feel like in this pregnancy my stomach is smaller compared to all of my pregnancies, which I was not expecting it to be smaller at all from my first since usually for most people their first pregnancy bellies are smaller because the abs aren’t used to being stretched open or out yet. This pregnancy compared to my second I feel like I am WAY smaller, which I’m crazy hoping means that this baby won’t be over 8 lbs like my second was. Only time and the birth will tell though… So please send prayers and hopeful thoughts that our little one will be healthy in all aspects. I will of course let be known how this baby is healthy wise and size wise compared to the other two when she comes out.


And of course I can’t forget the front facing comparisons between my second and third pregnancies at 38 weeks. My second pregnancy is on the left and my third is on the right. As you can see my abs are still holding true and trying to hold her in compared to my second.  In my second pregnancy it looks like my belly is going to just fall off of me… , but also we can’t forget that I had only gained 16 lbs with my second and with this pregnancy I have gained 29 lbs so far.

So once again hopeful thoughts for a healthy little one and a quick and painless labor….. (haha to the painless, but a girl can dream right?).

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