Trying to Maintain Muscle Mass During Pregnancy


Been doing pretty decent at maintaining as much muscle mass as I can. This was taken at two days away from being 37 weeks pregnant. In this pregnancy so far I have gained the most weight compared to my two previous pregnancies. I went from 135 lbs to 163 lbs so far. With my second pregnancy I only gained 16 lbs and with my first I gained 25 lbs. With my first baby as I have previously stated I only walked and with my second pregnancy I only ran. With this pregnancy I have been running/biking or doing stairs/ elliptical work including weighted workouts on top of that. Basically keeping up with what I was doing  before I was pregnant as much as I can. Last week was my last week with weighted workouts though before I started in on stretching and preparing for labor “workout” routines this morning. Although I had only gained 16 lbs with my second pregnancy, she ended up weighing 8 lbs and 5 ounces at a week early, but we believe it was because as I was gaining baby weight I was losing my muscle mass causing me to gain so little. My first baby was only 7 lbs exactly two days away from her due date when I had gained 25 lbs. I am interested to see how big this baby will turn out to be when it is time. The last time I was weighed I was up 28 lbs so far with three weeks and two days to go until her due date.

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