Tired at the Worst Times? Not Tired When You Need to be?

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I would highly recommend the book The Power Of When by Michael Breus, PhD, if you feel like you are lacking time and energy to do all the things you want and need to do while feeling at your best. Before I read this book I felt like a mess. I was tired when I didn’t want to be. When I finally had time to write I was falling asleep and not doing it to what I believed was the best of my ability. When it was time to turn in for the night I would lay awake for hours not being able to fall asleep. Also, which I’m sure many people could relate to, when my husband and I finally got some time together we were crabby with each other because we were so exhausted from our busy days.

Now, since reading the book and doing what it has said for the last month I feel like a whole new person. I am much happier, feel great about my productivity, and enjoy my time with husband and kids more. The best part for me though is the fact that I can lie down in bed now and literally fall asleep in five to ten minutes instead of wasting hours getting frustrated with myself for not being able to sleep, and my sleep quality has improved so I don’t have to sleep as much!

I can’t follow the advice and scientific evidence given in the book exactly, because I have two kids, but it really has made a difference in my life with just the small changes I have made. If you are looking for something to help you learn to manage your time better and help you become a better you, I would look into it!

We got this!!!

You NEED to dream! You NEED to fight for your dreams! You NEED to conquer your fight. You NEED to love. You NEED to live to love. And you NEED to take a moment to breathe to REALLY live.


Just some thoughts to keep in mind and take to heart. Dream, fight, conquer, love, live, breathe.

Cherish Your Thoughts

Crazy to think that at this moment no one knows what was going through my head but me. And in a however many years or months I also won’t know. A thought gone forever. How many thoughts, feelings, and memories are gone forever in our lives? How many thoughts and memories slip away without us even noticing? Sad to think that we have lost so much since we were young. Just have to continually make and build new memories and thoughts and try to hold on to them as long as we can so that way they can be cherished and appreciated before they dissappear forever. Because our thoughts and feelings are what helps us live and what makes us. Just think. If instead of thinking of thoughts as only thoughts take a moment to think about why you think the certain thoughts you think. That can help you start to unlock who you are. #cherishyourthoughts