Feeling Known

Happy Day After Christmas!!! I hope yours was full of comfort in some way or another to help you feel a little better after how this year has been for everyone. I just wanted to excitedly show the book world how awesome my husband was to me this holiday. I am not the biggest fan of getting gifts because I take gifts so personally. I believe that gifts really show me who knows me well or who doesn’t. So I would rather people not get me anything than get me something that shows they don’t know me well because my excitement mainly comes from how well I am known than by what I get. I know I am the way I am because of something from my childhood, which obviously I won’t get into, but my husband made me really feel special by giving me these gifts. And I figured that if someone else is like me that they may get a kick out of the awesomeness of these gifts. He got me an owl lamp for my bedside reading since my lamp previously was not bright enough to do reading at night. He also got me a book series set that I am excited to dive into, another book, and some awesome bookmarks!! This is the world I live in and love to live in in my mind. These gifts speak to me and help make my world a little brighter and help the oddness of the real world feel like home. I am grateful for a husband who can give me that. I am grateful to feel known. I know many other fantasy readers out there or readers in general will understand. ❤

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