Semi- Updated Fitness Photo

Hey! I know it has been a long time. I am still alive, but have been very busy with adjusting to three kids over time. My youngest is now two and the ab picture I am posting below was taken in January, but my abs still look about the same. I am still working out five days a week along with cardio five days a week. It has become just a lifestyle now that I can’t live without even with how busy I am. My three girls are in three separate sports, so I am constantly running around and then with the shut-down, life has taken a huge adjustment. The second picture was taken after I made myself a simple butt workout to focus on my butt. I ended up gaining a half an inch of muscle! I have no idea what the future will bring. Slowly my girls are needing me a little less as days go by so I can finally focus a little more on my career. Once the last one is in school full time I will be able to finally work full time writing and will be able to focus more on my fitness also if my work isn’t as demanding as these children. Ha! But we will see. I am just happy that we are done having children and just have the forwardness of life to look forward to without having to start all over with the demands a baby needs. I have fully devoted my life to my children and will continue to do so, but it is nice to finally have a little time, no matter how little, to work on myself and my dreams.



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