Do Yourself a Favor

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Don’t let the refusal to forgive someone or something hold you back from the happiness that is just within your reach. Holding onto anger or blame puts a dark spot on your soul that only becomes bigger with each passing vexed thoughts.  Holding onto that dark spot gives it the control it needs to slowly eat away at your well being, leaving you driven only by your anger or hatred towards someone or something.

Let yourself heal. Know that we are all human and make mistakes. Know that getting hurt is just part of the journey to make you who you are meant to be. Know that it is more than possible to take control and forgive, so you can better yourself and fight through the pain with you coming out on top.

Do you really want to waste time thinking over that person? Do you really want to waste time being angry instead of feeling love towards the people who really matter? You need to forgive, so you can spend your time and your thoughts on the things and people in your life that matter most.

You are meant for bigger and better things than holding onto a vendetta towards something in your past that won’t ever change. Use your energy to forgive and heal yourself. Don’t waste your life focused on something that will only hold you back and cause you to never push forward and never reach your full potential.

Refuse not to heal. Refuse not to get better. Refuse not to let go. Do yourself a favor and heal yourself because you deserve it and are worth it. Do yourself a favor and forgive.

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