Until The Next Nightfall

An Exchange

One night you have me

Opening me up and swallowing my sorrows

And next, I have you

Giving into your need

To engulf me whole

And find me

Until the next nightfall

I’m brave enough to find you

Grieving Sands

This is the concept art by Susanne Hundseder for my short story “Grieving Sands,” which is an uplifting grief fantasy. For those who do not know, an uplifting grief fantasy is a story with fantasy elements to help those grieving. For anyone needing such a story, click on the picture above to take you to a site set up nicely for this story. Also, feel free to share if you know anyone who is struggling. We have decided to start sharing short stories without putting them up behind a paywall, so it will be free for anyone to read.

This story started as a writing prompt with the word sandbox. If you read the story, you will understand how amazing the artist did in capturing the women and their mothers. Her skill and the passion she showed with this project blew me away.

I plan to start posting collaborated artwork and projects along with other surprises as time passes. We have a lot planned that I am excited to share! But if you want the precise timelines and management of those projects, inside scoops, book recommendations, bookstore shout-outs, author shout-outs, a free fun fantasy quiz, and more, sign up for my newsletter.

The link is below, along with another link to the short story.

See As I Do

Give me empathy

I beg you to

Please understand

Why I do what I do

I live in a circle

Tortured to no end

You hold me closely

Aren’t willing to bend

Please twist your mind

And see as I do

I need you to get me

As I work to get you

Getting Nowhere

The morning wakes her

The mirror whispers foe

Her unfulfilled dreams mark her a fool

Hesitant for life

She sways with no bite

She follows, only meant for the rules

Safety in comfort

No betting on hands

She will get nowhere in time

Lost to the masses

Unless she understands

Critical thinking may save her life


Nourish my brain

To dampen my sorrow

Make me forget regret

Drum out the pain

With logic to borrow

Reset all my upset

Grief, it takes me

Down its alley

No chance to move or to break

I need a moment

I need your minute

To wash away all my mistakes

Personal Lengths

As I wait

The seconds burn into me

Coiling blisters on my wrist from my watch

A personal fathom

Since it’s the one you gave to me

Before your goodbye marked me as naught

I’m Not Your Burden

Balance me on your heart

The way I’m to balance time in my life

But understand that there are moments to let me go

My mind may be slipping

The way old age takes to nipping

But my craziness isn’t your burden to hold

The Eclipse’s Bloom

There are enough flowers

That belong to the dusk, sun, and moon

But the flower of the eclipse

Lives on in gloom

Only spreading its petals

When everyone looks away

Distracted by the phenomenon

That breathes it awake

To Stare Up

Lonely, desperate, despaired

I stare up at you

Orphan to a forbidden cause

I look to the face of the moon

You are the only one to smile back

From the darkness in the sky

To the pits I was abandoned

Until you brought light to my life

Never leaving me lonely

Following me to where I need to be

Always up there smiling

You let my soul and self be free


Too much, I crumble

Too little, I wither

Give me a moment

I swear I’m no quitter

I’ll break off my legs

Burn my soul to the ground

To make sure my day

Is completed, profound

Inside I’m dying

Perfection a curse

But giving I live for

A must or I burst

Got to be the best mother

Got to be the best friend

Got to be the best writer

Wife, lover, no end

Healthy, I doubt it

Goal achieving is key

Got to fill me up somehow

To make you believe

Believe in how wonderful

How achieving I am

How smart and how worth it

Yours till the end