Update on Fitness Journey

This picture was taken a couple days ago after a very hard workout that I will admit I cried during. I am posting this to tell you that, while I’m focusing more on my writing career, I am still keeping my fitness routine five days a week. For me, it is a must. I need that comfort of regularity in the face of the rejections that come with writing. I need that grounding drop to the floor feeling that reminds me that I can still stand back up after I have fallen down. Everyone has their different way to keep themselves going, I am here to tell you to not lose yours even in the face of uncertainty. You are the one who can stand yourself back up.

From a Vulnerable Place

This week has been a very vulnerable week, as I write this from a different state about to attend a funeral. From the recent death, all the rejections I’ve gotten so far, and dipping my toes into a past that threatens to drown me, I would say that it has been challenging mentally. I tried to find a poem I have done in the past this morning before having to get ready that didn’t sting and burn to the touch of a thought, but the only one I found was one that I thought fits well to the day I had yesterday.

Resentment inhabits me from so long ago.

Alone. My family’s eyes boring into me.

Always the outcast.

No one by my side.

I never want the same for you.