Update on Fitness Journey

This picture was taken a couple days ago after a very hard workout that I will admit I cried during. I am posting this to tell you that, while I’m focusing more on my writing career, I am still keeping my fitness routine five days a week. For me, it is a must. I need that comfort of regularity in the face of the rejections that come with writing. I need that grounding drop to the floor feeling that reminds me that I can still stand back up after I have fallen down. Everyone has their different way to keep themselves going, I am here to tell you to not lose yours even in the face of uncertainty. You are the one who can stand yourself back up.

When Was It?

When was it that I broke?

When was it when I couldn’t take rejection any longer?

When was it that I closed myself off and wouldn’t let myself feel or be happy?

I remember that carefree self who always reached.

And wanted nothing more than to love.

But now, a distant memory, I stand alone.

Only a comfort to myself.