32 Weeks Pregnancy Comparisons

Week 32. As I am finding time to write this about a week later, I am actually about 33 weeks now, but here are the comparisons from 32 weeks.


The top left is my first pregnancy, the bottom left is my second, and the right is my third. Now for the front view from my second and third pregnancies.



The left picture is from my second pregnancy and the right picture is from my third. Besides being WAY more tan with my second pregnancy since it was summer lol you can really see from my belly button in both pictures that I was carrying much lower with my second and I have less of a roundness at this stage. I don’t know if the working out and starting out with more and stronger abs this time around has anything to do with it, but at least so far with this pregnancy I am having a way easier time not peeing myself while jumping around or laughing. In my second pregnancy about this far along I was having the hardest time when it came to my bladder and even just walking around in general since my left leg would randomly stop working. This pregnancy I am still just facing issues with breathing since she is so high up.

Workout wise I am still following the same routine and for stairs I am still walking up and running down. I honestly thought for a brief period of time that I would be able to continue the walk up and run down well into February, but it is now to the point that my knee joints, feet, and Achilles tendons are starting to really hurt and strain from the added weight. I started at 135 lbs with this pregnancy and now I am at 160 lbs. By the end of the week it takes about the whole weekend for the pain to go away in my feet and knees, allowing me to start again pain free, but by the end of doing stairs Monday I start to feel the pain again. I only have to power through the rest of this week and next week and then I’ll be into February where I have written down to start my walking up and walking down the stairs. I am hoping that the slower motion and the lesser amount of times going up and down will keep the pain away until it is time for labor and then I have my six weeks of recovery time.