Third Book of The Sapientia Series Published!!!


I feel like I’ve been waiting on this book FOREVER. Getting pregnant and my husband working on starting his own business definitely slowed this one down, but I am happy to say that I am most fond of this one and even after reading it through so many times I was still enticed and not wanting it to end. The funny thing is that this is the book that I’ve been most excited about since the beginning, since before I even started this series this was the installment that I’ve been waiting patiently to write. The reason why I waited was because I knew I had to set some ground work first and I wanted to warm up on my writing so I wouldn’t happen to possibly disappoint myself when it came time to write this one. It was so far the most challenging and most rewarding one to write and I can’t wait to continue their stories as they all come together in the fourth book.

Here is the link to amazon if you care to pick up this book and adventure in some of the wonders of Sapientia with Liz.

And Here is the link to Barnes and Nobles.

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